Woeha! dog walking

Welcome at Woeha!


Please note! At this moment Woehadoesn't take on any new dogs. Woeha! prefers to stay a bit small scale. If anything changes you'll read it right here.


Woeha! is the only certified professional dog walker for Wageningen and Bennekom.

Mondays to Fridays Woeha! offers exercise and companionship for your dog.

Woeha! walks take place in the afternoon, in a group of about 7 dogs in a large off-leash area in Bennekom.

The walks last for two hours and are a good choice if your dog has lots of energy to spend or requires extra hours of company.

Woeha! lets your dog be a dog, in a safe and responsible way. The car Woeha! uses is completely costumized to safety and comfort for your dog. Just to be sure Woeha! will provide your dog with a tag engraved with our telephone number. A first aid kit is also standard equipment.

All socialized dogs are welcome to join. On fixed days of the week, on alternating days, every day or only once a month, almost all scenarios are possible!

Interested? Do nose around on this website and feel free to contact me!