Woeha! dog walking

Who is Woeha?

Woeha! is Hielke van de Bund. I was born in 1971 and I live in Wageningen together with Ivo (bicycle mechanic) and two medium-sized mixed-breed brothers Puk and Bo.

As long as I can remember I have cared for animals and championed their rights.
I graduated from the University of Amsterdam and I specialized in human-animal relations (some of my subjects were animal ethics, animal behaviour and the history of pets). My first ambition was to become an animal rights activist, but I proved to be too sensitive. Woeha! is a great way for me to contribute to animal interests nonetheless by giving dogs the time of their life!

When I am walking with dogs I myself am having a great time as well! I love roaming around in nature for hours on end (and yes, also when it is raining cats and dogs!). To me, the interaction with dogs and observing their behaviour is fascinating, moving and quite often very funny!

In order to care for your dog in the most responsible and capable way, I studied to be a Certified Dog Walker (website only in Dutch). The program consists of the following modules: Behaviour Recognition and Pack Behaviour, First Aid, General Knowledge of Breeds and How to Safely Run a Dog Walking Service.

The Chamber of Commerce number for Woeha! is 59 07 92 07


In the Dutch version of the comics series Tintin the bark of dog Snowy (in Dutch: Bobbie) spells 'Woeha!' That's how I came up with the name.

Also, Woeha! is the Dutch translation for the English word Wooha or Woo-ha: an expression of joy. It is the feeling I hope the dogs get from our walks: "Wooha, walkies!"