Woeha! dog walking


Please note! At this moment Woeha! doesn't take on any new dogs. Woeha! prefers to stay a bit small scale. If anything changes you'll read it right here.

So, you are considering signing up your dog for the Woeha! dog walking club? Then I will first visit you and your dog at home to get to know eachother (without any obligations). Also I will join you on one of your walks, so I can get an impression of your dog's behaviour.

I will take notes on everything there is to know about your dog so I can provide the best possible care. I will explain my method of working and the terms and conditions involved to ensure that there will be no surprises afterwards.

If our first meeting is a pleasant one, I will take your dog on a free trial walk during which I will observe if your dog is comfortable around me and the other dogs. We'll practise the 'come here' command, initially on a long leash and if this goes well, off- leash. Naturally, I will discuss the trial walk with you after we return.

So, the trial walk was a smashing success? Then 40 euros wil buy you a Woeha! 'lines card'. A lines card contains 20 lines and costs €40 so each line represents €2. After a walk I use the lines on the card to jot down the date of the walk. For one dog I use 6 lines. If you have two dogs I use 11 lines, etc. As soon as all lines have been used it is time to buy an new card.

Woeha! cards are valid indefinitely and you get a full refund for all lines you do not use (for instance because you move to a different area).

Via sms or Signal I will keep you updated about your dog's adventures, especially when he or she has recently joined the club. Also I will send you pictures or short video's every now and then.