Woeha! dog walking

Good to know


Please note! At this moment Woeha! doesn't take on any new dogs. Woeha! prefers to stay a bit small scale. If anything changes you'll read it right here.


  • Fellow dog walking services
    Do you live in Bennekom and are you looking for a dog walker? Have you considered contacting de Hondenexpress (owned by Paula Hobrink. Website only in Dutch) or Dog Valley (owned by Reina van Ginkel. Website only in Dutch)?
    Reina and Paula have been a huge help in starting up Woeha!, so the last thing I want to do is be in their way, so to speak. However, if they are fully booked for instance I would more than welcome your dog at Woeha!

  • Once or only temporarily
    Are you looking for a dog walker for just one or two walks or only a couple of weeks? Then Woeha! cannot help you, unfortunately. Woeha! invests a lot of time and energy into getting to know a new dog. Also it can be quite enervating for the other dogs if a new dog joins the group. Therefor this should not be asked of them too often. Maybe you could try someone who offers individual walks? (check the bulletin board at your vet's, for instance)

  • 5 Star walks
    At Woeha!, your dog really is the center of attention. For instance, when needed I not only provide fresh drinking water during transport, I also carry water with me on our walks. This is often greatly appreciated by the dogs!

  • Harness that dog!
    At the very start and ending of a walk, I put all the dogs on a leash for a moment to prevent them from pottering around between (moving) cars and going off on their own. Woeha! uses harnesses rather than collars. Harnasses are safer and more comfortable for your dog, especially in a pack of dogs who are on a leash.
    If needed Woeha! also uses harnasses inside the car so the dogs can be fastened securely during the ride. In this way, they can't jump on my lap or out of the car as soon as the door opens. They will also be secured in the event of an emergency stop. If you only have a collar for your dog and not a harnass, Woeha! will provide a 'loaner' for your dog in the right size.

  • No hoo-ha at Woeha!
    Woeha! likes to keep things simple. This means clear prices and simple conditions, for example. In addition, almost everything is home-made (interior design of the car, leaflet printing, this website etc). This keeps things clear and costs as low as possible.

  • Dog Walking SERVICE!
    A lot of people struggle with the day to day. How to combine work, your home situation and the care for your dog? This sometimes demands a great deal of flexibility from dog owners. That is why Woeha! also strives to be as flexible as possible. So no strict terms of notice, no impossibilty of reimbursement and no 'only during office hours'. So if you have a special request, don't hesitate to ask!

  • A dog's life according to Woeha!
    People often act as if they own the world. As if animals should be glad that they are also allowed to walk around on it. Woeha! thinks otherwise. Woeha! believes that people and animals have equal rights when it comes to respect and quality of life.

    However, we live in a world where people are everywhere and control everything. For a dog to stay out of trouble it therefor sometimes has to be protected against itself.
    Woeha! believes that this is its role: to allow a dog to simply be a dog as much as possible without compromising itself or others.

    What does this mean in practice?
    It means that the sniffers are allowed to follow scent trails, but only when they come when I call them. 
    It means the runners can sprint happily along as long as they don't dissappear from view entirely.
    It means that the boisterous types can play as rough as they like, but as soon as I think it might lead to a fight, I distract and separate them.
    And it means that muddy types can wallow as much as they like, but preferably near the start of a walk, so I can get them home reasonably clean.
    This is how Woeha! tries to find a balance between fun and practicality.

  • Hormone mayhem
    Testosterone rich males and females who are in heat, almost in heat or have just been in heat can cause a lot of commotion in a pack of dogs. Furthermore there are already too many dogs desperately seeking a (responsible) owner.
    Therefore, Woeha! would like to urge everyone: please have your dog neutered. Besides often preventing certain behavioural problems it increases your dog's chances of going on fun walks with Woeha!