Woeha! dog walking

Terms & Conditions

Caring for your dog is a big responsibility. So, having clear terms and conditions is a good idea. If you use the services of Woeha!, you agree to the following:

  • The owner is responsible for the dog being sufficiently socialized and obedient. The dog has to know commands such as: 'come', 'stay' and 'drop it'.
    Woeha! will do everything in its power to prevent and/or quickly resolve unwanted behaviour (running off, fighting, excessive barking), but cannot be held responsible for such behaviour. In the case of recurring unwanted behaviour Woeha! can be forced to ask the owner to find another solution for the dog's walks.

  • During the time the dog is with Woeha!, the owner is available by telephone. If the owner cannot be available, the owner must always provide an emergency contact.

  • If the dog has run off and stays away so long that Woeha! becomes pressed for time regarding bringing home or picking up other dogs, the owner can be asked to travel to the off leash area to take over the search. If the owner is unable to come he must provide an alternative.

  • Your dog is allowed to get dirty and/or wet during a walk. Woeha! will rid your dog of the worst dirt and moisture using a towel, but cannot guarantuee that a  perfectly clean dog will be returned to your home.

  • The owner makes sure that the dog hasn't had a lot to eat in the 2 hours prior to the walk. Traveling in a car, running and playing can be uncomfortable with a very full belly and it increases the risk of bloat.

  • The owner will  immediately report to Woeha! any illnesses or ailments of the dog that can cause problems on (longer) walks (in a pack). Examples are; contagious illnesses, walking difficulties, suffering from pain (can cause agression) or epileptic fits (can cause agression in other dogs).

  • Owners of 'intact' females shall immediatly inform Woeha! at the first signs of their dog going into heat. During and around the heat cycle the dog cannot join the group walks.

  • If Woeha! needs a key to the owners' home, Woeha! will handle the possesion of the key with the upmost responsibility. If the owner wishes, Woeha! will provide and sign a key holding contract, defining the terms of use.

  • According to Dutch law, the owner of a dog is liable for any damage caused by the dog. As an owner, it is your responsibility to have liability insurance that covers your dog. Also, if your dog damages or loses its harness or something Woeha! cannot be held responsible.

  • If there is no other way, Woeha! reserves the right to shorten or cancel walks. For example in case of extreme weather, illness or when the car breaks down. The owner will then be informed as soon as possible. Naturally, walks canceled by Woeha! will not be charged.

  • If Woeha! has to unexpectedly call the animal rescue service or the veterinarian, all associated costs are at the owner's expense. In this case, Woeha! will naturally inform the owner as soon as possible. Woeha! will do everything in its power to prevent possible injuries or infections but cannot be held responsible for them.

  • The owner is responsible for the dog to have had its vaccinatons against kennel cough, parvovirus, Weil's disease and distemper. Also tick and flea control and  deworming treatments are the owner's responsibility. Woeha! will inspect the car, benches, towels etc on a daily basis and clean and/or disinfect them as needed.

  • The owner will pay for the walks in advance by purchasing one or more 'line cards'. Payment is possible in cash or through a (online) bank transaction. You will be reimbursed for all lines and/or cards that haven't been used.